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Lindsay, Ontario
Canada  K9V 1A3
(705) 878-1053
Website: www.taitbaytoys.com
Handcrafted Heritage Oak Toys
"Reviving the popularity of wooden toys with a lineup of beautifully hand-crafted models!"
STEAM TRAINSTait Bay Toys design originals featuring trucks, tractor trailers, steam trains, fire engines, school buses, plus collector editions, one-of-a-kind custom models as well as doll cradles, pet beds, finger tops and other small items.  Working almost exclusively in Canadian hardwoods that are carefully dried for use including maple, birch, black cherry, red oak, white oak and walnut for even more detailing.  Using natural finishes are what I lean towards, in order to exhibit the beauty of the wood grains.

TRUCKS AND TRACTOR TRAILERSFirst designs commenced in 1995 and have been adding to them steadily until I now have a fleet of both straight trucks, tractor trailers and collector editions employing special panels of other woods as distinctive features.  These are available in two scales, 20:1 and 30:1. The larger scale are for older children and adults along with the custom models and limited edition specials. Tait Bay Toys are mostly inspired by grown ups' mode of transportation and all are intended to be to scale as far as is reasonably possible. Final products that adults will enjoy for their quality and craftsmanship and kids will love just because they're such great toys! Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded if returned prepaid and in new condition.

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Tait Bay Toys
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Straight Trucks
Highway Tractors
Tandem Trailers
School Bus
Collectors ONE-OF-A-KIND
Custom Truckers Rigs
Passenger & Freight
"G" Scale
scale 80:1
Pet Beds - red oak
Cutting Boards
Doll Cradles - red oak
Rolling Pins - maple
Ted Cordner



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